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CLIENT: Print Matters
PROJECT: Print Matters MSU Lecture Poster
PAPER: French Nightshift Blue 100#C
INK: Black, silver metallic, and glow in the dark


For each lecture, Print Matters chooses a local designer to create the materials for the event. This poster was used for the Michigan State University stop on the Print Matters tour. The concept behind the poster is that print and paper are so important in a designer’s life that it is written in the stars. This was combined with iconic campus imagery to create a one of a kind poster for the night.

The best part is what you can’t see… Printed with a double hit of glow in the dark ink, once you turn the lights out a hidden layer of print/design related constellations reveals itself.

Print Matters is a night of tales from Brian French, 6th Generation French Paper Company and Nick Sambrato, Mama’s Sauce Founder about their respective companies combined 150 years (143 of those from French alone) of producing paper and printing in an ever modernizing world. Both companies are not just manufacturers, each has become a part of the design community. By putting their product quality first their brands have attracted, and hence been built by, the designers who use their services everyday. Come and take a peak behind the curtain of two unique journeys that bring so much old world paper-making and printing to the national design community.

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